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Whipped Cream Dispenser Walmart

2010 February 19
Posted by strombergyy1iim0hg

can i buy a whipped cream dispenser from local stores like walmart? some like these below


Xopher replied: "No, you can’t. You will have to go to a bakery outlet store for something like that."

singletrack65 replied: "Nope, Williams-Sonoma and similar stores sell them. I bought the thermal one & use it all the time."

where can i buy CO2 cartridges? how much do they cost? do they come in different sizs? i need one for a whipped cream dispenser thing. home depot? walmart? radio shack?

t-rexs replied: "we buy ours at the hardware store

aren’t they the same cartridges that are used in BB guns??

seems like they are cheaper when they are packaged for the BB guns then when they are packaged for food use"

mr217shoestospare replied: "When I was in college I’d seen them sold for awhile in head shops around the campus. These days I’d imagine hardware stores and maybe some of the upper-end kitchen supply stores might still sell them."

Where can I buy whipped cream chargers in order to make home-made whipped cream? I could find the dispenser, but not the chargers. I have local stores like Target, Walmart, Meijer, Walgreens, CVS, KMart, etc… Please help, Thank You.

wilderlove33 replied: "William Sonoma
Bed Bath and Beyond
Linens and things
Gourmet Stores"

Mud replied: "You don’t need the dispenser or the chargers. Just buy heavy cream and whip it with a mixer. You can flavor it with some extract, and add sugar for sweetness and a bit of stability if you want. The only places I’ve ever seen the chargers were stores like Linens and Things and the other store like that whose name escapes me. It cost about $10 for the box of chargers last I looked, so probably more now. It’s definitely not a cost effective thing to own cause you still have to buy the heavy cream on top of the added expense of the chargers. If you want the whipped cream to come out fancy, put it in an icing bag with a large star tip."

fligy77 replied: "William Sonoma"

jim b replied: "vertigo– Try walmart in the sporting section
they should be near the air rifels.Check them out to see if they are what you are looking for."

pmlllnd replied: "You don’t need any fancy gadgets tmake home made whip cream. All you need is an electric hand mixer. Go to the store and buy some heavy cream, it will be in near the milk. Bring it home and put it in a good size bowl. Start mixing it on low with the mixer, as it thickens, turn up the speed, after you get the cream to the proper fullness, stop and fold in the sugar with a spoon. DON’T try it until you have added just regular granulated sugar, it tastes awful! Start with 1/4 cup, and add more until you get it as sweet as you like it. Then all you have to do it use it as desired! Good luck, and enjoy!"

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